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Curiosity + Empathy + Imagination
I am fascinated by the people who are in front of my camera – their stories drive my creativity. Our ability to love and create beauty – to show truth and authenticity, to listen and hear one’s story – is our ability to see one another, to relate, to empathize.
I have wondered down the creative rabbit-hole for quite some time. Made films on DV8 when I was 14. Had the opportunity to study under celebrated designer Wei Yew. And shot weddings on film years before the Nikon D70 was released. I still shoot a lot of film.
I’ve had the opportunity to work as the creative director for Loveworks, a youth driven non-profit. Been a part of one of the largest photography movements in the world, Help-Portrait. I continue to work with non-profits in various creative directions; currently serve as the creative director for Vancouver School of Theology.
Collaborators, partners & clients:
Mercedes-Benz Canada, Pacific Centre, Mike Horn & the Pangea Expedition, Dossier Creative, Good Coffee, Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society, Impact Magazine, Montecristo Magazine.
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